Guiding Fly Fishing trips on the Missouri River, Bitterroot River, and the Big Hole River.

The Bitterroot River is our home water. We live here and know this river like the back of our hand. We can put you smack in the middle of the Salomflies with all the action, tour seldom fished haunts looking for big loners deep in the lower river, and everything in between on this eighty mile river system. Our guides are on the river year round obsessively scouting new water and sitting behind the vise all winter tying unique patterns to be the very best. Fish with the locals. (see more in the sidebar)

The Big Hole River is just over Lost Trail Pass to the south and east of Hamilton about two hours. A short drive to Montana standards, the Big Hole is well worth the trip for the amazing fishing and scenery it has to offer. Having lived in Wise River on the banks of the Big Hole for five years, I can also call this river my home water. With over five hundred guide trips in 14 years on this river, I've seen it in just about every stage of glory and defeat. From 28 inch browns eating a #12 caddis dry and fifty fish days, to moose blocking the river and hail storms the size of marbles, the Big Hole provides a lifetime of memories in it's tea stained waters. (see more in the sidebar)

The Missouri River is about a three to four hour jaunt from Hamilton depending on how excited you are. The supreme fishery in the state of Montana in my opinion, the Mighty Mo is the skillful angler's dream water. With 4000 CFS being a low wadeable level and beyond 10000 CFS a boat game, the Missouri looks and acts like a gigantic spring creek with wavy moss, flat slick water, and consistent profuse hatches of caddis and mayflies of many sorts. I think this is secretly every guide's favorite river in the state of Montana. No matter where you call home and what time of year, this is where we guides go when we feel the calling. (see more in the sidebar)

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When you call, we can talk about when you want to fish, and get you in. There is a limited amount of trips, so book early. If you need assistance arranging your trip, feel free to give us a call at (406) 210-0142 or email us and we'll do our best to make your next trip a great success.