Born and raised in Kansas, my Dad brought me to Montana for summer fishing vacations all my life. After graduating from college at Kansas State University with a degree in Biology in May of 1998, I arrived in Emigrant, Montana in the Yellowstone Valley 5 days later to become a fishing guide. I moved from the Yellowstone to the Big Hole valley the end of that first summer and began guiding for one of the nation's top fishing lodges, The Complete Fly Fisher. I lived in Wise River and guided the next five years under outfitter and FFF master caster, David Decker, and many other vetran guides to learn the art of casting and teaching fly fishing.

I moved to the Bitterroot with my family in 2002, then became an outfitter and started Sula Mountain Fly Fishing in 2004. Since then I've perfected my guiding skills and knowledge of surrounding waters, as well as teaching my own guides the art of guiding and teaching. After living up the East Fork of the Bitterroot in Sula from 2002 until 2011, my wife, daughter, and I moved to Hamilton in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley, and have now fittingly changed our business name to Bitterroot River Guides.

My guide staff is dedicated, courteous, patient and professional. Masters of both a fly rod and raft, we safely navigate the rivers of Montana throughout the season. From big water in the spring until the trickles of fall, we search out wild trout on the fly. Instruction is paramount on our trips and believe in teaching fly fishing as a whole: casting, mending, wading, reading water, recognizing insect hatches, leader construction, and all the other facets making up the art of fly fishing.

Jed Fitzpatrick
Montana Outfitter #8392

Jed with a Brown